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The average person thinks that the biggest key to purchasing a data line is the price. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding. I just mentioned that the data line is divided according to the manufacturer and the domestic brand and the domestic unlicensed. There is a miscellaneous brand in the domestic unlicensed, the quality is really poor, and one of the three has a bad one, which makes the customer keep on I suspect that my computer level is too bad, I don’t recognize it when I install it on my computer! So it is a key factor to distinguish the quality of the product and to find a good seller.
More powerful sellers are generally the guarantee of product quality, because they do not want to sell the data lines are returned and exchanged, not to mention the postage, even if time and energy also consume a lot. Therefore, gold dealers will cooperate with well-known and reputable manufacturers. The general failure rate of these manufacturers is 1%, while the failure rate of some bad manufacturers is 30%. This is the reason why the price of the data cable of the same model function is 2 times worse. For example: DKU-2 data cable sells 12 yuan, and sells 25 yuan. The express delivery is 15 yuan. If 12 yuan is Inferior quality, can not be used normally, you have to call the seller to consult, a phone call for at least 10 minutes (and possibly dozens of times), conservative estimate of 5 yuan phone bill, and ultimately under the guidance of the seller's phone, still can not be normal Use, lead to exchange, then you have to pay at least 15 yuan more mailing costs (at least you send back the money you yourself, a line is only 12 yuan, the seller is unlikely to post a 15 yuan courier fee to you The courier fee for the buyer's replacement is still on your head, which is 30 yuan), so the total price is not far higher than the 25 yuan line. This is just a financial loss. If you spend three nights playing this line, then the loss in this time is even more incalculable. Even more unfortunate is that the data line that was replaced is still not working properly. I think of your mood.......
Even if it is the same data line, the price and service that the buyer enjoys in different sellers are different. The high price may be accompanied by a series of services such as free test, technical consultation, website download, free replacement, and installation. Why is the price of a coffee bar higher than that of a tea shop? The same is true for services and grades.
Therefore, we always believe that the price of a line of goods, the data line is not simply the price of the line, as well as the content of technology and after-sales service, low prices and services can never be balanced.



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