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Functional classification of data lines

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1. Internet cable: It can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet access. Typical models: V730 series; V688 series PHS series.
2, brush machine line: can only be used to upgrade the brush machine. Typical model: BenQ S700; upgrade to unlock the first line.
3, synchronization line: used to transmit the phone book; picture ringtones; text messages; multimedia materials, etc., of course, part of the two-way transmission, some only support one-way transmission. Such data lines are more common.
4, charging cable: generally the Internet cable or sync cable plus a USB charging function, more practical and convenient, Internet and group messaging essential features. It can also be subdivided into two types: charging and charging. The former is charged as soon as it is plugged in. The latter has a small switch that controls whether or not it is charged. Of course, the highest level with the charging switch, the price is more expensive. Recommended type: CDMA Internet series Siemens 3508 series.
5, multi-function line: support for Internet, synchronization, brushing, charging, etc. 2 or more functions, the new Samsung line is also equipped with dual interface, USB synchronous Internet; serial brush machine.
Reminder: When you buy a data cable, you must have more functions. The better, it is more expensive, so it is equal to the multi-line.


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